Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello...anyone still out there?

Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Xin Chao, Ni hao, Goedendag, Ciao, Ohayoou, Ola, Privet!, Hola, Hej

Apparently there are over 2796 languages, and therefore 2796 ways to say hello. Interesting, no? Amazing, that with only seven continents on this earth, and 196 countries, we have over 2796 languages that are spoken by different cultures. 2796 languages people! Shit.... it's a big number.

It's so big, it's kind of like the size of the effort it took to begin crafting again. There, I said it. I am shamefully standing with my hands held behind my back, shuffling my feet with downcast eyes and asking you all to take me back onto your PC screens. Because I think I have my life managed now. I think I can craft regularly and I think can actually blog about it again.

I don't want to go into specifics, let's just say that life has been insanely busy these last few months and I have shamelessly ignored this blog. Shamelessly.

But, I am back now, isn't that nice?

So, anyway, moving along swiftly here, after my embarrassing confession. I made a card! With the word hello on it! It's my attempt at peeking my head out of the comforting non-craft, non-public blanket I have been hiding under.

So, to get through a couple of specifics (but not too many, because blogger seems to be giving me trouble tonight):

- My paper comes from Claire (friend extraordinaire)
- The image comes from Maria (love her like Sangria)
- The greeting comes from Bridget (...your name only rhymes with ...midget?)

I (yawn) sewed around the borders, inked the edges, and stuck a few pearls on. I coloured the bear and his envelope with Promarkers (thanks again Claire).

That is all.



  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! I LOVE your card! I need to get back into crafting and blogging myself - it has been a while! I look forward to your future posts.

  2. Hellooooo back to you. Good to see you are going to be back blogging. Love this card you have made. Have a great weekend. hugs, Ursula

  3. Welcome back - everyone needs a break every now and then! Love your card and the bright colors and especially the stitching all around.

  4. Nice result P! Only thing I could disagree with is rhymes with the name. There are many which is one of the reasons I dislike it. Think like a child and they'll come to you.


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