Friday, July 12, 2013

Chasing William Tell

With aspirations of one day being a William Tell, my husband got us into archery. Granted, not cheaply, but he's got us into it. I must admit to being quite averse to the idea in the beginning. I told him I would support his new hobby, but that I was in no way interested in starting it myself!

So wrong I was... our second 'club' night had me wielding the club bow and loving it. Two weeks later I had my own.  A Ben Pearson Advantage to be exact. A left handed one. Because apparently I shoot left. How could I have been writing right handed all these years?

You must know that this sport is not cheap. Once you get bitten, it's like being a papercrafter in a paper store. You have to have everything. The guys jokingly call this a Grand sport, because they spend a grand every time they walk into an archery store. I don't blame them.

There are a lot of things I could tell you about archery that would bore you to death, but because this is after all a 'crafty' blog (and you aren't that interested in archery are you?) I will stop here.

This post is more about the photo's I took on our first 'club' night. I was practicing my photography while trying very hard not to be noticed by all the scary new people that my husband so easily conversed with.

I used the Canon PowerShot S5 IS, and edited with Picasa 3. I shot at various angles and depths, and had fun with my settings. I do still wish I had a manual lens though. It's extremely difficult and technically challenging to adjust settings on a camera that doesn't have one (or so I think). I also wish I had a lens with greater zoom, to prevent too much pixilation on shots that inevitably are too far away for my current camera to handle.



  1. Wow P, way fancier bows than I've used.
    Great photos and verbage. Almost makes me want to do archery again.

  2. What a fun new sport to take up. Great photos and techniques that you used on some of them.


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