Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Silhouette Card Storage

Seriously, my Silhouette is probably the best crafting investment I have made. I use it for everything; and when I'm feeling lazy, I use it to make projects that I don't have to think too hard about... like this card storage unit for instance.


Because I like to think ahead, I made the label for the 'Get Well Soon' label removable. This means that if I ever decide to keep any other type of greeting cards in this box, I can change it at the blink of an eye.

To get this right I magnetised the label and the box! ta da! The greeting is stamped onto white card, so I won't ever have to worry about not having the same paper as I used on the set when I make a new label. Also, white stands out pretty nicely, and doesn't clash with the very busy pattern I chose.

I've had a couple of days worth of crafting behind me (ok, evenings more like it), and am feeling pretty relaxed. It's been great. I love not having to think about anything except the paper on my desk.
Unfortunately my new University semester has started so it will mean putting in study hours again, though I'm determined to keep a good balance this time!

Here's to a happy Hump day!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Chasing William Tell

With aspirations of one day being a William Tell, my husband got us into archery. Granted, not cheaply, but he's got us into it. I must admit to being quite averse to the idea in the beginning. I told him I would support his new hobby, but that I was in no way interested in starting it myself!

So wrong I was... our second 'club' night had me wielding the club bow and loving it. Two weeks later I had my own.  A Ben Pearson Advantage to be exact. A left handed one. Because apparently I shoot left. How could I have been writing right handed all these years?

You must know that this sport is not cheap. Once you get bitten, it's like being a papercrafter in a paper store. You have to have everything. The guys jokingly call this a Grand sport, because they spend a grand every time they walk into an archery store. I don't blame them.

There are a lot of things I could tell you about archery that would bore you to death, but because this is after all a 'crafty' blog (and you aren't that interested in archery are you?) I will stop here.

This post is more about the photo's I took on our first 'club' night. I was practicing my photography while trying very hard not to be noticed by all the scary new people that my husband so easily conversed with.

I used the Canon PowerShot S5 IS, and edited with Picasa 3. I shot at various angles and depths, and had fun with my settings. I do still wish I had a manual lens though. It's extremely difficult and technically challenging to adjust settings on a camera that doesn't have one (or so I think). I also wish I had a lens with greater zoom, to prevent too much pixilation on shots that inevitably are too far away for my current camera to handle.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm introducing a weekly feature...Ninja!

Ninja likes to explore and do the things that we do everyday. Ninja is my pal and he/she (because we can't see under the ninja suit) is a fan of the limelight, as you will see in the coming weeks.

Because ninja's are unpredictable, and they make appearances out of nowhere, who is to say on which day Ninja will make an appearance here? Certainly not me (smirk). Rest assured though, that Ninja will not disappoint, and Ninja will ensure a weekly visit to you all...

In order to give credit where it's due, Ninja was born from a Copyright template by 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. and sent to me by my good friend Anne via good ole snail mail.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Camera Happy Chappy Update & a Silhouette Cameo Project

A few of you (I hope) know that I have run my photographic blog concurrent to this one for a while. I've come to the realisation, since getting back on here, that it is insane to try and run two separate blogs. Two blogs to try and come up with things to talk about, two different blogs to try and keep updated...regularly.

Blogger allows you to 'migrate' blog posts from one blog to another and I have done this with Camera Happy Chappy. I will now blog both my craft expeditions as well as my photographic adventures through one medium.

Do you think this warrants a new blog name? I was quite attached to Camera Happy Chappy, and PS Creations implies that this blog is only about things 'made'. I'll have to keep the address obviously,

I'll mull over it a while.

In the meantime, I've been playing with my Silhouette Cameo. Even though we're half way through the year, I still thought this cut file was cute and I had some paper lying around...

The flowers are by Petaloo, and I used some Bakers twine for the hanger. Pink and purple brads secured the dials.

Love it*


Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello...anyone still out there?

Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Xin Chao, Ni hao, Goedendag, Ciao, Ohayoou, Ola, Privet!, Hola, Hej

Apparently there are over 2796 languages, and therefore 2796 ways to say hello. Interesting, no? Amazing, that with only seven continents on this earth, and 196 countries, we have over 2796 languages that are spoken by different cultures. 2796 languages people! Shit.... it's a big number.

It's so big, it's kind of like the size of the effort it took to begin crafting again. There, I said it. I am shamefully standing with my hands held behind my back, shuffling my feet with downcast eyes and asking you all to take me back onto your PC screens. Because I think I have my life managed now. I think I can craft regularly and I think can actually blog about it again.

I don't want to go into specifics, let's just say that life has been insanely busy these last few months and I have shamelessly ignored this blog. Shamelessly.

But, I am back now, isn't that nice?

So, anyway, moving along swiftly here, after my embarrassing confession. I made a card! With the word hello on it! It's my attempt at peeking my head out of the comforting non-craft, non-public blanket I have been hiding under.

So, to get through a couple of specifics (but not too many, because blogger seems to be giving me trouble tonight):

- My paper comes from Claire (friend extraordinaire)
- The image comes from Maria (love her like Sangria)
- The greeting comes from Bridget (...your name only rhymes with ...midget?)

I (yawn) sewed around the borders, inked the edges, and stuck a few pearls on. I coloured the bear and his envelope with Promarkers (thanks again Claire).

That is all.