Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Hearts

When I first saw the sketch over at CTS (click on the acronym to go to the challenge page, I immediately had an idea! It didn't help though that I was at work, checking through my blog roll during lunch... no craftiness gonna happen at my desk that's for sure. Funny how sometimes the best ideas come when you're unable to actually carry them out. I literally felt my fingers itching to touch the piles of paper in my stash, and not new pieces, old ones lying dead and lost in 'THÉ' scrap heap of snippets.

The inspirational sketch

I had the idea in my head, and there it stayed. When I eventually got home, I had 40 minutes to whip up my card, photograph it, and get it on a blog post ready to enter the challenge! It closed today at 6PM EST you see, tsk tsk that I saw it so late.

I did cheat a little, my post started out with only the sketch, the card and the link to the challenge... LOL's! {So, technically, what you're reading here is an edit}

Anyways, after all that rush, I missed the deadline by a minute...one minute people. sigh* all that rushed crafting for (almost) nothing, almost because I actually love the card and I think it so fitting with next month's Valentines Day theme don't you think?

I used only scraps for this card (apart from the actual white card base), though it didn't truly make a dent in the heap. I used the heart portion from this image in the silhouette store, and a phrase from a stamp set that I haven't used in over a year, it felt good to break open it's plastic chains. The set is CS917 Wedding, by Kaisercraft.

I plan on doing a {14} days of Valentines feature on my blog as we get closer to February and I want to give everything I make to hubby in his Lunchboxes leading up to V-day. We don't actually, ever, celebrate the day but I thought it might be a nice way to make something, get it on the blog (see, I'm being more dedicated here), and still have it be practical enough to give away. Make sense? I hope so, feels like I'm starting to ramble and try to explain myself....

Anywhoooo, just for formality, even though I was late, Challenges entered:

Case this Sketch - #10

[PS] - I realised too late that this blog post has the same name as the last one LOL! did you notice?

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