Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Pinterest Debate...and a Peony

How many of you that own a Pinterest account, actually try out some of the cool stuff you pin? Truthfully? I know that when I see something magically fantastical, I have to Pin it so that I can 'try' it or use it for inspiration later. Sound familiar?

With all the inspiration that is available out there on the big wide internets (yes, I meant to add an 's' there), you would think that we would soak up the information like cotton balls and squeeze it out onto our own craft/sewing/desk tables.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, life happens. We're all busy with our own thing. Be it work, studies, homemaking, or simply spending time with your loved ones. Sometimes, we're so engrossed in making something that our own brains have conjured up that we simply forget about all the lovely things we wanted to do via our Pinterest boards! These things take priority. I hope I'm not sounding too philosophical here, but I thought the subject needed some musing after I happily pinned away at marvelous ideas and creations today. And yes, I did think.."ooh! this would be awesome for a party!"...and..."Wow! wouldn't that look lovely on my desk?"..."I must Pin this so that I can make it sometime". I realised that sometime isn't going to happen unless I make it happen, Pinterest idea speaking, that is.

So, in honour of all those wonderful pins on my board, I am going to aim to make at least one project a week that is inspired or copied cased from an item on one of my boards. heck, I'll even share it with my readers, maybe you'll be inspired too! and in the process, we'll give fellow internets people the credit for our inspiration :)

So, without further adieu, my first Pinterest inspired project!

I credit Michelle Dupuis from Rust & Sunshine for today's inspiration. I tagged her tissue paper flower tutorial a very long time ago, and if you follow the link I've attached to her blog name, you'll see her original post was done in May last year.

Michelle credits these flowers as quick and easy to do, she is not wrong. It took me all of about five minutes to have pieces of tissue paper looking like a peony. The flower recipe calls for tissue paper (obviously) and green pipe cleaners. Unfortunately I only have white pipe cleaners, but being a crafter in love with ribbon I quickly found a length of green that would substitute the green colour for the stem just fine. I wrapped the ribbon around the stem and secured with a pin.

It really does make for a lovely decor piece, and I am sure that as a bouquet these may even make a beautiful addition to a brides attire.

So, that's my two cents for today. Hope I have in turn inspired you to do something with your own Pinterest Boards?



  1. Looks great Petra! I'm happy to have been your inspiration! :-)

  2. Nice P! Hope you made more than one though.

  3. Thanks for your comment . Love the flower ... I have been on Pintrest for about 6 months now an d only made my first "pins" today . Thanks for your two cents worth.


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