Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sewing: A Silhouette Cameo Dust Cover

I have spent my entire weekend pondering over what to make. Should it be a card for a challenge? What about working on the mini album I'm putting together? What about a 3D Project for Valentines day? ...or... how about a sewing project?.....

After my disastrous attempt at a skirt some months ago, I have been respectfully staying away from my sewing machine with all things material. Yes, I have sewed on many a paper project, but fabric has been banished from my machine for quite some time. Until now. I bring you, my handmade Silhouette Cameo Dust cover!

Do you remember this?

Well, it has been unpicked and recycled! I simply could not bare the thought of either throwing the fabric away, or having it lie in a drawer gathering moth holes. I have needed a dust cover for my Silhouette for some time now, what with hubby and his father renovating our bathrooms. It never ceases to amaze me how the dust wafts through the house and eventually settles on just about everything, including my machine.
Before I explain my colour choice, let me first show you my Silhouette's personalised face plate, which is the first file that I cut with my machine when I bought it last year.
Apart from the obvious fact that I love pink, I have a little bit of an obsessive disorder, whereby everything either needs to be colour co-ordinated or matching. enough said? This meant that, even though I wanted to recycle my skirt fabric, I had to somehow bring the colour pink into the mix.
Thankfully my lovely mommy gave me some fabric from her own stash when we went to visit for Christmas, and a beautiful pink floral was included in the mix. Out it came, to be added to my project materials. I also bought a gorgeous pink rose ribbon length a while back that I have been saving for a special occasion, and I thought this might just be it. As you read the post, if you're interested in getting the ribbon for yourself, it's an American Crafts Premium Ribbon and is called Peony.
See how cleverly I used the pink fabric to create piping along the seam of the dust cover? And how I sewed the ribbon all along the front? Delicious don't you think?
I am loving the final product quite a bit, and am thankful to these two ladies for posting their patterns on the net, Taylor and Mz Daisy. I used the Side panel pattern off of Taylor's design and the General dimensions of the main panel from Mz Daisy's pattern. I then added a one centimetre seam allowance onto Taylor's pattern so that I had enough fabric to work with (being a novice and all, I thought it might just be safer).
In hindsight, I would have adjusted Mz Daisy's dimensions as well, shortening the breadth by a good Five centimetres, as my hem along the bottom of the cover is quite massive.
I'm quite proud of myself, and proud of my new dust cover. I may just venture a bit more into my sewing now :)


  1. Definitely a fully-fledged Crafty Diva now, P.....what a great result! Looks really might find a call for these....hope you've put in on Pintrest.....if not, I will...hahaa! Love the peony girlie! I have huge white peonies in my garden....the label said they were pink, but we've had those bushes for 12 years now, and they alwas come up white.....they look like giant snowballs...hahaa!

  2. Beautiful Silhouette cover. You did a great job on it!

  3. LOL I have to say that yes the skirt looks beautiful as a dust cover. Go you!!!!

  4. Well done P. Sewing machines scare me.


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