Sunday, January 6, 2013

{2 Hearts} - Scrapbook Layout

Continuing on with the showcase of the wedding album, today I have another LO to show you. It is another of my in-laws photo's, in the blue coloured theme.

I managed to try a new technique on the backing paper of the LO, one that I saw in one of our local South African Scrapbook magazines (very old - it's a 2011 edition). Generally, I prefer to buy the Australian Scrapbook magazines that get imported (in particular, Scrapbooking Memories) as I find the content to be much more informative and 'modern''. But I was nicely surprised by the projects in the SA magazine.

In case you would like to try the same technique, which is the peeling back of layers of the backing paper, here are very basic instructions:

- Cut a slit in the paper, anywhere you wish. Make the slit at least 3-4cm long
- Distress the edges with a distressing tool, or an emery board (like I did)
- Peel away the layers from each flap (my paper had about 4 layers)
- Roll the layers that have not curled naturally with a pencil or pen
- Ink
- You're done!

Close up of left hand page

Close up of right hand page
Because of the busyness of the folds and the contrasting pattern paper that I chose, I did not add much by way of embellishments on the page.

And as I am sure you would have noticed, I whipped out the sewing machine in a big way for the borders of the LO. I also improvised with my title, covering chipboard letters with matching cardstock. Remember that this can be a great way to create a title that perfectly matches your LO (or even a card), and you don't need any die cut or electronic machinery to get you there.

{Tip} When tracing your letters, make sure you trace on the reverse side of your paper so that your  trace lines don't show. In doing this, remember that you must reverse your letter as well, otherwise the cardstock and letter won't match up.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely and relaxed Sunday. I am going to make sure I get the most out of my last day of holiday. Tomorrow I return to work and the busy year ahead :)


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