Thursday, October 18, 2012

Magnetised Cards

We all love trying something new with our crafting every now and again. It makes us feel liberated from the same old boring things that we do day in and day out... or is that only me? Nevertheless, I really do feel this way about my crafting, and although I like to play it safe a lot of the time, sometimes I like to break out of my comfort zone and try a new technique.

The technique in question is the use of magnets on my card. And not just to make an actual magnet, but to make a paper doll :) I use to love playing with my Princess Diana paper doll back in the day, the kit came out with a ton of dresses for the deceased princess and I think I remember changing the clothes around so much that I wore off the tabs that actually held the clothes in place! hahaha!

The paper doll I made was compliments of Mo's Digital Pencil, Images I used in particular were a freebie set called Trudy's dress. A set downloaded long ago, so I cannot even tell you where to find it for your yourself unless you go hunting on Mo's site (that's Mo Manning for those who don't know).

The pictures tell the story, I stuck a strip of magnetic tape to the back of Trudy's party dress, as well as to the back of Trudy's image. I made sure the two strips aligned before I adhered, I also made sure that the magnetic sides facing each other were opposites (very important, else the dress will not 'stick').

The entire Image was coloured with a mixture of  watercolour artist's pencils and plain colour pencils. All paper came our of my scrap heap, as did the very short piece of ribbon for Trudy's dress bow (see! hoarding helps!)

The card went to my friend Rachel, see how I cleverly inserted her name on the gift tag behind Trudy? Clever me! LOL!



  1. What a pretty image and very well coloured, love the idea of been able to change the clothes on the image. Brings me right back to when we used to play with paper dolls and all the cloths we used to cut out of comics. {sigh}Life was so simple. :)

  2. Lovely Petra, I also have that image and it sure reminded me of my days with paper dolls...more years ago than I woulld like to mention. Great to see you back blogging and crafting. hugs Ursula

  3. Fabulous idea! Love it and may have to CASE it!


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