Friday, May 25, 2012

T is for Teen

I am finding that my scrapbook style is continuously evolving, and I sort of feel bad that I don't conform to any specific way of doing things - as most scrappers do. You get the shabby chic crowd, the mixed media crowd, the old style crowd, the digital crowd, and heck, I think the list of crowds could just go on and on and on...

I pick ideas up here and there and everywhere (I am sounding like a Dr Seuss book here) and generally like to experiment with just about anything. One major change I can point out in my scrapbooking of late is the fact that I am no longer partial to only using the romantic, old fashioned wallpaper looking paper out there. I still love it, very much, but the bright colours don't look so garish anymore.

Excuse me if I am boring you with my little self examination :)

You are here for some crafty goodness after all. I hope I have delivered. I made this page quite a few weeks ago actually. I've used a photo of one of my sisters from when she came to visit the big city last year June, still a teenager (though she doesn't like to think so), I thought that the title was perfect for her.

I used a mish mash of flourishes, ribbon/lace, some self made tissue paper roses and old embellies in my stash.

The background paper is cardstock, that I modified using ink and a circle template. The pink base was, believe it or not, embossed with a cuttlebug folder. I actually have a tutorial I'd like to post a bit later on showing you how I did it. Aren't you lucky I'm so generous with my tips? LOL! whatever :)

I used a chipboard buckle here, thread a blue dotted ribbon through it and stuck it under a tear in the background sheet.  The butterfly below is off a chipboard sheet I got from Darly*

AND, yes, I used scrap paper on this page! All of the scraps in the centre of the LO are scraps from the never ending pile.

I'll be back later with my tutorial on the very large area covered by the cuttlebug embossing folder.



  1. Aren't you so clever?! I love this page! I especially love the way you ripped/cut the orange paper and snuck in another piece of patterned paper and ribbon. I am so going to steal this idea you know!! Darly xo

  2. This is wonderful. You can change your style anytime you like if this is what you come up with. :)Love the torn piece of the orange paper and the little ribbon and other paper tucked inside.


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