Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Recipe for Love

So I recently started participating in the monthly challenges set by the Scrapbook and Things store over at the Full of Scrap blog. Every month they put together a kit, filled with paper, embellies and instructions for that month's challenge. You have to create a scrapbook LO, and no cards are allowed.

Month before last, the challenge kit was filled with cooking paper and embellishments. 'Oh no', I thought. I don't have cooking photo's, neither do I have kids to take cute cooking photo's of. Eish.

But, I have a wonderful husband and he is my recipe for love <3, So off I went to my craft desk to create! The results for the challenge have been released, I didn't place anywhere but boy do I love my LO, and I can't wait to fetch it back from the store to put it in my album :)

I cut the banners using my silhouette and a file I created all on my lonesome, clever me! And the pretty sparkles are just dots of cheap glitter glue.

A lot of the paper was raised on Foam sheets, the left hand side of the page especially. It really makes for added dimension when viewing the page in person.

Don't I just have the most handsome husband ever? Yes, I understand I may be biased here, but really, he is quite a good looking Lad.

I've already put together the challenge for this month that I will be submitting over the weekend, and since May was all about mother's day, I made a page for my mom* I hope it will do her proud, and I cannot wait to showcase it on here once the voting process is over!

Until my next post!


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  1. Superb layout, great thinking "outside the box" for your recipe challenge!


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