Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All that glitters

is not gold. I saw this on one of my friend's status's in a social media application. I don't want to delve into the depth of the meaning, but let's just say it inspired the title for the blog post. Because that which glitters here is not gold, it's silver!

I have been asked to put together a sample wedding invite once again and I was absolutely in love with the brides choice of options I told her I could make. The wedding colour theme is Turquoise, and what a lovely colour it doth make when paired with white.

I designed the shape of the card with my Silhouette, and used an existing cut file that I purchased off the Silhouette site for the petal folded envelope (yes, that $10 gift card is still coming in handy).

I think the colours are pure deliciousness (new word people!) and I can't wait to hear what the bride to be thinks.



  1. This is scrumptious, yes agree, the colours work wonderfully together.
    I am sure the Bride-to-be will love it too.

  2. Very elegant Petra - bride is going to love them


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