Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspirational Scrapping

I am not sure how many of you know how I fell in love with scrapbooking. It all started with a birthday gift... vouchers at a scrapbook store. The store's name was Scrapbook and Things, and the first time I walked in I was so overwhelmed by all the STUFF I saw. Well, that STUFF has become recognisable and useful tools and embellishments and beautiful scrapbook pages over the years.
I still shop at Scrapbook and Things to this day, and I am still inspired by the stunning layout notes that are sold there. I had the pleasure of spending part of the day at the store yesterday, scrapping and gabbing to my hearts content. Bless my sweet hubby's heart for his understanding of my need to get lost in paper! I haven't crafted in an environment like this in forever and I realised how much I've missed crafting with friends (old and new) around me.

I finished a layout this afternoon, based on the notes I purchased yesterday. I changed a few things to suite my own style and scrap subject and I love the end result!

I used ruler stencils to create the scallops and fancy edgings. Scissor work is always relaxing, it never hurts to get back to basics. The photo's are from the disposable camera that I bought to use on the day hubby and I went river rafting with GoVertical last December. I am amazed at the quality of the photo's from this little gem. I was also clever enough to ask the photo developers to place them on a disk so that I have not only the negatives, but electronic copies too.

I love the title, Paddle Power, it makes us sound so strong! teehee! The paddling in reality was a lot of work, but it was fun all the way.

I have some really neat distressing rub-ons in my stash, I used a grey one on my focal photo to highlight the group of people. The round candi to the left of the pic is compliments of a certain copperknob in the UK.

I was industrious enough to draw my own template for a set of oars and cut them out of cardstock. More scissor work, I was over the moon :) You can also see the foam that I raised my title on in this picture.

I love Letter stickers, they save much time. I used a set to spell out the rest of my title, Power. I also hand journaled on the photo of the river with my black Sharpie to document the name of the river and the month and year we had our river rafting experience.

Completing this page reminded me of how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful country, despite the flaws which drive us up the wall most days. We are blessed to be able to have so many wonderful experiences together, and most of all we are blessed to have each other to do all these things with. Thank you my lovey, for such a wonderful day together*


For those of you in SA, the link to the Scrapbook and Things blog is in my sidebar. Take note of the awesome challenge that they have running at the moment. You could win an album to the value of R395.00, as well as gift vouchers to the store.



  1. WOW amazing job Petra :o) River rafting - tried it 20+ years ago in Sweden (we have no rivers in my little country) and it was as much fun as it seems like you are having on those scrapbook pictures.

  2. LOL! Seems we're all paddlers! My best holiday ever was canoeing down a river in the South of France. Have photos of me and my dodgy perm to prove it somewhere. Doubt they will ever be made into a scrapbook though! My eyes, my eyes!

  3. Hi there, Petra! I've missed youuuuuuuuu!!!!
    I'm lovin' your layouts....what wonderful memories, and a lovely way to showcase them.
    Sadly, I'm not great with water....will only go in up to me ankles....can't swim, and don't want to learn....haaa!

  4. Wonderful layout lots of work gone in to it but the subject seemed like fun.
    Great to have you back again. :)


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