Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Blessings

I know that it is a week gone by already since we all celebrated Easter, but better a late blog post than nothing? I actually made our Easter decor two weeks in advance, and though I have been squeezing in craft time it has been far and few between with the busy schedule I've been having. I sorely miss my online craft friends as well the hours I could spend at my craft table.

For our Easter table I made candle wraps, napkin holders and name place tags, I went with an orange and green theme.... purely because of the napkin holders...

I guess, I'll start the photgraphic proceedings with a picture of the entire set.

I got the idea for napkin holders online somewhere, though I changed the method of making them. I have taken photo's for a tutorial, but I will have to get to working on that in another post. Same goes for the candle wrappers and the name place tags.

Obviously the napkin holders are supposed to resemble carrots :) I used a lovely Angel Company rubber stamp that I got from my friend Birdie a while back for the Easter phrase.

I used Gorgeous paper that I recieved from a certain Ace of a friend for the pattern on my candle bands, the Angel Company stamp, and my trusty scallop ruler and scissors! The blue check, although very washi tape looking, is actually ribbon!

Lastly, I repurposed a few big stationery clips for the name placings. A bit of riiboon here and a bit of paper there, add a few letters and hand writing and it was done!

There you have it! Although I made these for Easter, they were used more as display :) Hubby and I went to see my folks over the Easter weekend, we had quite a blast on the farm. It was exactly the relaxation we both needed. Missing everyone already and I can't wait till we can go again.

I've been feeling really inspired these last few days and I have finally got a weekend where I did not bring my work home with me. I think it will mean lots of play time at my table! and a lot more posts for this blog!

Until my next post, happy crafting!



  1. Hi P, great to see you crafting again.
    Lovely idea for the napkin holders and the color scheme.

  2. Great that you could get away for a bit of "recharge" Petra, does one good. Love your ideas of the name tags. Take care and have a great weekend.


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